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The LCE Music Library Expands To 237 Songs

The music library of Lionel Cornelius Entertainment (LCE) has expanded to 237 song titles and melodies. LCE’s Founder/CEO and music producer, Lionel Cornelius, continues to expand his song bank as the highly anticipated release of his second project “Black & White” enters the blocks. LCE News

“I’m Ready (For You)” by Lionel Cornelius

This fourth and final single release from Lionel’s long awaited “Black & White” project yields a true story of an unrequited love affair. Lionel’s spiritual, soulful vibes will capture your attention in this intriguing, suspenseful, and romantic tale of inspirational love and passion. LCE

I'm Ready (For You)_4

SHAZAM Him! And Check Out Lionel’s Top 10 Tracks From Around The Globe!


Not since the names of a few VIP headliners has a newcomer entered the scene with the potential of having as many as 10 chart toppers.  Placed in the background, hidden away and in hibernation since he was twelve years old, so-to-speak, Lionel “The Sleeping Giant”, as called by his big brother, John, has awakened the industry with his soothing vocals, diverse songwriting, and dynamic arrangements.  Follow “LC” on Shazam and become a part of the #NewDayNewEra sounds of LCE!

Lionel Cornelius and Shazam

-LCE News

Noah Cornelius’ Debut Single “Heart’s Throbbing” Hits The Street

Noah CD Cover_Heart#1E67565

A fourteen year old vocal dynamo who is in development and on the rise. He has the skill set to either sing it or rap it in his own unique style. The voice of this young man is nestled in the body of a tall, muscular teenager who is about to make his mark on the music scene with flair! Labeled as a quadruple threat by those in the entertainment industry, Noah began singing at the early age of 5 rocking to the beat of his first school Christmas program and has yet to stop! -TeamLCE

The Team Of Lionel Cornelius Entertainment (TeamLCE) Keeping It Moving

Michelle H. Turner and founder, Lionel Cornelius Sr., are better known today as TeamLCE. They’re on a wave of growth as the “Music by Lionel Cornelius” of LCE catches the attention of the music and entertainment industry.  The creative chemistry of producing duo, Mark “Magic” Stallings and Lionel Cornelius Sr. has proven to be magical and well on the way of being highly recognized.  “We’re ready to compete with any in the industry. The sound is new, bold, elegant, and has this sensuous edge to it that touches you more with each listen!,” says Lionel Cornelius Sr.

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